I am Maria Lareo the designer behind the label SWINGING CHICKS
“ I created Swinging Chicks to have a life where I am free of time and place, to be all the things I want to be and to do all the things I want to do. To push myself to make my brand successful by learning from people who inspire me. I created a job that I love, and every day my heart is filled with gratitude and abundant happiness. “
My love for 60s and 70s fashion became real!
I went to art school, I graduate as graphic designer, but retro fashion always been my passion since I was fifteen!
I love music, collecting records, horror & Sci-Fi movies and mostly clothes! I have always made an impact on people the way I dressed, showing them my personality through the clothes! 🙂 I did not have any money to spend, but a lot of attitude!
I started making dresses for myself. Clothing that I wanted to wear but I could not find on regular shops, or could not afford….so thats why my clothing is designed for vintage lovers just like me. People who wants to step out of the crowd!
Before SWINGING CHICKS, I had a nice job but did not make me completely happy. I decided to give a chance to my passion, working from home and took the risk to create my company! Right now my goal is to GROW my brand, to keep it exclusive as well with limited edition items. To provide a good costumer experience, bringing color and creativity on a shape of a dress!!